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Upstart global company investing in smart business solutions and advertisement technologies aiming to provide extensive quality pro-client services.

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About Younited Ventures

20 Years Of Working Experience

End-to-end innovative digital solutions in classifieds and business directory projects.

About Us

Younited Ventures has built a dynamic young team of taleneted enterpreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in an online marketing, advertisment and classifieds, dedicated in development of smart business solutions to achieve user friendly business directories and online marketplaces using the latest technologies and innovations.

Our Aim

Our main goal is to unleash the potential of the online advertising to conceive new ideas and introduce changes to established processes and become the global leader in classifieds in selected industries...

Our Stats

We have more than 11 000 visitors daily throughout our online market places and business directory websites.


Monthly unique visitors across our network


Registered users on our portals and websites


Visited pages monthly on our marketplaces

Our Portfolio

We are UK based company which operates wide range of online global and local marketplaces focusing on business directories and classifieds portals.

Trademark Bazar

Global marketplace and classifieds portal for trading intelectual properties, trademarks, designs and patents.

In Development
Launch: Q2 2021
Portfolio Trademark Bazar
Portfolio Business Bazar

Business Bazar UK

UK online marketplace and classifieds portal for buying and selling established businesses and limited companies.

In Development
Launch: Q3 2021

Trademark Bazar EU

EU satelite website extending global Trademark Bazar marketplace.

In Development
Launch: Q4 2021
Portfolio Business Bazar EU
Portfolio Business Bazar UK

Trademark Bazar UK

UK satelite website extending global Trademark Bazar marketplace.

In Development
Launch: Q4 2021

External Projects

We never stop looking for mutually beneficial relationships with companies active in various business sectors. We are immensely proud of having established connections with quite a few partners and customers around the globe. We are always open for new ventures and expanding of our existing client base.


We provide extensive onsite IT support & complete web managemt.


We developed classifieds integration and car rental booking system.


We provide complete web support and external design services.


We provide IT support, complete web and email management.

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